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Play Better – Play More Efficiently – SCORE!
Let’s Simplify your game and your thoughts.
Understand Your Game, Your Swing, and Your Short Game Better.
Learn effective Practice Techniques to maximize your practice time
Get the System in Place and let you start shooting lower scores.
Develop Power in your swing to hit the ball far.
Build the Confidence it takes to play this game better.
Learn How to Win Golf Tournaments! – Over 200 Junior Wins by Students including multiple AJGA Victories and World Events

Instruction “Coaching” Philosophy

I take a personal interest in each one of my students to give them the best knowledge and tools for playing the game better. I strive to empower each student to improve and exceed their goals. I enjoy being a “coach” more than just being the guy that looks at your swing sometimes. I look forward to the opportunity to help you with your golf game.

I plan to make this game easier for you to play! You cannot reach your full potential until the correct knowledge, combined with the right feel, combined with a higher level of confidence is reached and built upon.

Let’s get started on “Your Individual Plan for Success”. I look forward to helping.
– Chris Smeal, PGA

What I like to see happen to my “players“:

  • Scores drop – Have More Fun
  • A better “Feel” for what you are doing
  • A Clearer Mind – Goal is to simplify, not complicate
  • A hightened level of confidence
  • A Better Understanding of How to play the game and how to score
  • Improved Impact Position
  • A Swing that Repeats and creates a desireable ball flight
  • A Swing that can create multiple shot shapes with simple adjustments
  • A swing that can hold up under pressure
  • A repeatable putting stroke, combined with confidence,
    and advanced green reading! Amazing Feel
  • A Player who has fun always plays better
  • Attitude is the #1 fundamental

I believe that every player can improve his or her golf game.
All students will learn that ball flight is your ultimate feedback.
I do not teach all players the same as some learn in different ways. Some students need video and others should not look at it. I prefer to teach each player a “feeling” that they need to work on to improve what is holding them back from scoring lower and having more fun. I use video to show comparisions of players and to show the changes we are making and how that will improve the player’s ball flight. All players must learn how to determine their strengths and weaknesses so the weaknesses can be addressed and improvement can be made. I study the games of all past champions and the current top 15 players in the World Rankings. With this information I can show my students what they do that makes them able to perform at the highest level. Finally, I believe that players need to learn to believe in their ability and their system for playing the game.
With trust in your system you can perform at your optimal ability.

Chris has helped numerous players learn how to win tournaments, how to score better in tournaments, and how to just have more fun playing the game. Chris has been teaching golf at Stadium Golf Center since 2002. He has given over 20,000 private lessons and 100’s of camps and schools. His philosophy has been taken from working with his students, studying top players, taking lessons from the games best teachers, and his own work on his game.

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