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Advanced Short Game Player Development

Chris teaches full time at Stadium Golf Center but also conducts private coaching sessions at Smeal Short Game Course in Poway, CA. These sessions can only be scheduled through Chris directly. Please contact him at or 619-339-2377.

  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Greenside Shot Selection
  • Mindset
  • Attitude

There are four 9-Hole Short Courses to play and the layout is very challenging and will test everyone’s game.  Course knowledge is important.  “I heard a story that Phil Mickelson designed the Grand’s chipping green to be where when you hit a great shot it turns out perfect but if you hit a slightly off shot that the ball would roll way away from the hole.  We tried to create this similar lay out and it turned out awesome”  – says Chris

Course Records (9/13/2022) (9-Hole Par is 18)

  • Augusta National: 18 – Alfonso Franco, Chris Smeal, Kaila Higgins, Connor Benjamin
  • Cabo Del Sol: 17 – Alfonso Franco
  • Pebble Beach: 17 – Ryan Donovan, Kaila Higgins
  • Quivira: 16 – Quentin Hill

Putting Course Records (9-Hole Par is 18)

  • Forward Course (1-9): 11 (-7) – Chris Smeal
  • Reverse Course (9-1): 13  (-5)- Chris Smeal

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