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Yes Shane works with Chris as much as we can. Chris is an awesome instructor and Shane always leaves the lesson feeling excited about what he learned and more confident after every lesson.

Before we moved in San Diego and met Chris Smeal in January 2012, my 12-year-old son Zihao had experienced 5 coaches since he started learning golf when he was 6. After one year of learning from Chris, I have realized his strengths and value when compared with my sons’ former coaches who are all good coaches in one way or the other. Chris has combined almost all of the others’ strengths. I feel in my heart that he has REAL passion, constant endeavor and enough seriousness in helping his students and digging out their potential. His teaching method is practical and insightful, never boring students or losing students confidence and inner self by comparing their swing with other famous pros’ swing in every detail. In addition, he himself is a competitive player and still plays tournaments nowadays. This makes him offer fresh, practical tournament strategies and better understandings to advanced junior tour players. He keeps thinking and writing various articles and tips for players, sharing his wisdom in the game of golf. He also has a positive learning attitude, keeping in attending PGA seminars and making sure he acquires the most advanced knowledge in this industry. Furthermore, he sharply observes the individual characteristics of his students, then teaches and communicates with them accordingly. Most importantly, he cares about the integrity of his students’ long-term development and stresses the importance of balance, guiding them to develop well as a whole person not merely a golfer. In sum, he is the best combination coach for advanced junior tour players in our experiences so far. My son has improved much in many aspects, and will continuously learn from him for sure.
– Lucy Jin

I should offer you a piece of humble pie before you read this! AGAIN, just wanted to THANK YOU for being you and to let you know what a difference you have made in Ryan’s overall golf game over the last six weeks since we made the change to you. There is no doubt he would not be where he is today were it not for you and the last six weeks under your guidance! Even though I recognized your grandeur way back in July 2010 when we first met you at FCG Collegiate Prep Camp, it took the boys a little while to realize. You are to be commended for who you are and your talent as an instructor.
Regardless of what Ryan does with his game in the future, it has been an honor to have you as a mentor to him. MUCH THANKS!  (need that piece of pie yet?!) Make it a wonderful day, ~patty

Thank you for your putting lesson. Those 30-Minutes have allowed me to shoot numbers I haven’t imagined.I shot two 67’s in one week including my 9-Hole low of 30. Thanks! – Bobby Gojuangco (2010 AJGA Champion)

We started with Chris five years ago on a tip from a friend. With really no golf experience my wife and I enrolled our very shy six year old daughter in a group lesson. From day one it was obvious that Chris was not only a great instructor, but also very good with kids. He took a girl who would never speak to him or look him in the eye to a point where she now runs up to see him and is never afraid to ask him for advice. At age eight she decided to play in her first tournament on the FCG Mini Tour which she won by two strokes. Since then she is now a regular on the FCG tournament trail and SDJGA Tour. She has competed in two Callaway Junior World Golf Championships. Our youngest daughter has been with Chris for two years. At age seven she also is a regular on the FCG and SDJGA tours and twice has played in the Callaway Junior Worlds. Both girls have total trust and confidence in Chris. With his guidance there seems to be no end in sight. Chris has always stressed to keep the game fun and both of our girls do exactly that. They enjoy the game and love to compete. Sincerely, Rob, Ruth, April and Isabella Ranches

I wanted to say thank for all of the help you have given me over these past eight months. Before meeting with you I didn’t see a spot on a college golf team in my near future. But after working with you, my golf game has improved dramatically (I have shaved 2 points off my index) and playing college golf has become a reality. In fact, after following your advice, I received a position on the college team I targeted. I even received golf scholarship money! I appreciate everything you have done to help me to this point and I look forward to continuing to work with you through my college years and after. Thanks, Stephen Watson

Over the past few years, Chris Smeal has done an outstanding job advancing Tyler’s golf game to a higher level. Not only has Chris spent time with Tyler during lessons on the range, chipping area and putting green; he has also spent many hours on some difficult courses in San Diego with Tyler helping him with his course management strategies. The guidance that Chris has shown Tyler has given him more confidence on the golf course. This coupled with Chris’ passion to see his students succeed has provided Tyler with a strong foundation that he can use both on and off the golf course. Tyler sees no challenge as unachievable, and uses the knowledge he has gained from Chris to help him excel to the highest levels. Chris is a huge asset to the San Diego golf community and I thank him for his hard work, dedication, and commitment to helping Tyler achieve his personal dreams…. Stan DeCosmo (Tyler Moore’s Grandpa)

I just wanted to say thank you for the time you spent with Riley yesterday at the driving camp. We went out and played Carlton Oaks afterwards and he hit 12 of 14 fairways and added about ten yards to his average drive. The 2 he did miss, he missed left. He was able to take aim down the right all day without fear of missing right and even when he did push it or hit a fade it still ended up on in the fairway. He hasn’t had a tweak in his swing make such a difference before. As a result he shot a personal best 77 from the reds, going 1 under on the back nine. Thank you again for your help with Riley’s game. – Matt Klingelberg

A big thank you for yesterday’s swing session! Your instruction worked wonders. I played Doubletree this morning and shot a 79 from the Blues (& it could have been even lower – I left 4 putts just short within inches). Thanks again! – Keith

Chris Smeal’s 5-day school is by far the best investment we’ve made for our junior golfer’s career. While we’ve had a great experience with Chris’s lesson programs, the golf school was transforming. The highly personalized instruction, playing lessons and course management training over 5 consecutive full-days took our junior golfer to a new level. She came there wanting to reach the highest mountain, but Chris got her to think about the stars instead. And that’s where she’s headed. Her confidence has never been better, her desire to compete is now her biggest thrill and her swing captures on-lookers at every driving range. Chris has an extraordinary gift, and he uses it to propel passionate junior golfers. Thanks Chris”- Janet Gilbert

Rei has been taking lessons from Chris for 4 years! Chris has been not only a great instructor but wonderful mentor. He doesn’t just teach how to swing, chip and putt. He teaches kids how to be mentally strong on the course and to have fun. My son says, “coach Chris is so cool and makes golf so much fun! Chris has a magic that he can fix things right away. ” My son is improving his game and has been in Junior World for three times. Mostly, we are happy that he enjoys playing golf so much!
Thanks to Chris! He is the best coach!!! – Kelly Harashima
Chris not only makes golf fun, but he makes it easy! He is very likable and connects well with all his students (ranging from young to old). It’s no wonder he is one of the best coaches in the U.S. If you want to improve your game and do it with literally one of the best around, Chris Smeal is the one! – Torrey Munoz